Polish Community: culture, psychology, translated video tutorials

I love, LOVE experiencing what’s happening all across the wonderful world of Second Life ? including when people doing great things are connected across many miles to begin with. As SL expands internationally, community gateways are coming together for not just more common languages like German and Japanese, but smaller cultures which are beginning to thrive, blending their offline experience with virtual customs.

Recently, Katrin Linden got me connected with Malwina Dollinger. Malwina, Magnus Balczo, and Villemo Inglewood are collaborating on translating video tutorials I created earlier so that Polish Residents can understand and benefit from them.

It’s not just a one-pass dubbing: certain issues like lengthening passages to fit the language need to be considered, and I’ve been corresponding with technical guidance. They’ll have more soon but I wanted to share an early look at one vid from the

Polish Community YouTube Channel:

These videos are part of a bigger project ? Polish Community, complete with smile, have their own orientation island. In what I hope will inspire leaders in other SL communities, the Polish Community team have put not just a lot of thought, but a lot of action into their introduction to Second Life. They’ve done necessary fundamentals like translating Viewer text into Polish, but they also impart a sense of humor, as I found out firsthand when I was exploring and fell into a hole. (It’s actually a lesson that teaches you how to fly.)

As I’ve grown to be an unofficial ambassador of Second Life culture over the ages, I appreciate the thematic touches that Polish Community have invested. Combining deep philosophy with simpler lessons, they’ve paid special attention to the psychological bridge between one’s „real” identity and how they perceive themselves as an avatar. Take this lush field, for example, representative of „the old country” and meant to help someone relax after they’ve learned basic lessons or had a particularly thought-provoking discussion. Wide open spaces buttressed by hills and narrow pathing, even represented in pixels, can have a profound effect on our unarticulated selves.

And oh, Polish Community have even got a special section for WindLight; I’m inherently biased, but teaching how to change the atmosphere and affect emotional state always goes over well with me.

Polish Community, in their own words:

„Polish Community is a project focused on promotion of creativity and cooperation between Residents in Second Life?. The main aim for the project is to increase the level of integration and accommodation with Second Life interface of Polish-speaking Residents. By using semantic solutions of the technology of new media, Polish Community opens the possibility of realization and participation in panels of education, business and community programs for every Resident of the Second Life. Taking into consideration the polysemous nature of Second Life platform, Polish Community successively contributes to cultivation and promotion of Polish culture, tradition and art on the international arena.

The essential idea of the Polish Community is collaboration and participation of all Residents for whom support and help are rudimentary targets of existing in Second Life world. Thus, this world – fully created by people and for people, in which human imagination is a sole border is a place to which Polish Community welcomes everyone.”

Anyway, it’s pretty awesome.

Visit Polish Community WyspaStartowa in Second life

to check it out for yourself ? do note the orientation areas are restricted to newcomers, so if you’d like a more involved tour, express interest to Malwina.

More info on the Polish Community beta website

Finally, you can see more pictures I took along the way. Thanks to Malwina and Magnus for the highly enjoyable tour!

Know a lovely use of adapting Second Life knowledge resources into another language or for differently-abled people? Do share in the comments!