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Second Life Improves Real-life Social Skills

 Social interaction is enhanced rather than diminished by online interfaces, according to new research on the virtual program Second Life. Eryn Grant, a PhD student in Queensland University of Technology’s School of Humanities, recently completed a study which took an in-depth look at social order in emergent online environments. In doing so, she said she had immersed herself inside the ... Read More »

Virtual campuses: The education of the future?

An internet fantasy universe teeming with faux worlds devoted to socialising and video games is expanding to include virtual classrooms and universities. A new trend in online education involves students acting through animated characters called „avatars” mingling in simulated school settings and even rocketing off, via the internet, on quests for knowledge. San Jose State University in the heart of ... Read More »

New SL site rankings may signal end to camping

By Eric Reuters SECOND LIFE, April 29 (Reuters) – Linden Lab is working to revamp its current traffic ranking system, which has long been manipulated by landowners who pay users to camp out for hours or days at a time in an attempt to climb to the top of the ?Popular Places? list. ?It is clear that the current Traffic ... Read More »

What is Second Life?

MMORPGs ? or Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games, are immensely popular. Many of my friends have fallen casualty to the beast that is World Of Warcraft (WoW), and are nothing short of addicted to this virtual world of goblins and magic spells. This is something I’ve managed to avoid so far, as I’ve seen what it’s done to their ... Read More »


FIRMS TURN TO VIRTUAL-LIFE SITE FOR INTERVIEWS By HANNAH SELIGSON GO FIGURE: In Second Life interviews, candidates let their „avatars” do the talking. February 4, 2008– NATHAN Tia, a creative lead for Centric, a new-media agency, has never met his boss face to face. And it’s not because he’s an underperformer who hasn’t been singled out for a pat on ... Read More »

Religion In Second Life

J u d a i s m by Ms. Sautereau January 08, 2008 [Author’s note; I’m having to submit this article as I’ve been unable to get anyone who identifies as Muslim to answer more than one or two questions. Since the theme of this series is intended to be Religion from the point of view of the people I ... Read More »


I’ve been looking into machinima making recently and I think one of the biggest SL limitations in this field is lack of avatar lips movement while speaking. So far I knew about CrazyTalk (as of programs improving this disadvantage), but just recently I came across this movie: Does anyone know what program was used to create lips movement in this ... Read More »

Nagrody Bloggerów 2007

Siódmego grudnia w Aspire! SkyLounge odbyła się uroczystość wręczenia 2007 Blogger?s Choice Awards (Nagrody Bloggerów 2007) dla najwybitniejszych projektantów mody w Second Life. Organizacji głosowania wśród wszystkich ważniejszych bloggerów piszących o modzie w SL podjęły się Tanya i Amelia Book, które same prowadzą blog SL Fashion Notes. Wydarzenie to przygotowywały od sierpnia w porozumieniu z autorami około pięćdziesięciu blogów, ... Read More »