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Linden Lab buys two commerce start-ups Xstreet and OnRez

Linden Lab, the parent company of virtual world Second Life, has quietly snapped up two companies that had built e-commerce marketplaces on its platform. The two start-ups, Xstreet SL and OnRez, will be combined into the „Xstreet SL platform,” a sort of Craigslist-eBay hybrid for the trade of Second Life virtual goods. Financial terms of the deals were not disclosed. ... Read More »

EA SPORTS Complex planned for PlayStation Home

EA SPORTS Complex planned for PlayStation Home PS3 News EA?s support of the PlayStation Home Beta will begin with the EA SPORTS Complex. By Hector Cortez Jan 8, 2009, 18:02 GMT EA today announced its plans for the PlayStation Home Beta, the 3D social community that allows users to interact in ways similar to „Second Life.” EA?s support of the ... Read More »

Gaza War Sentiment Seeps Into Second Life

With real bloodshed intensifying in the Gaza Strip as I write this, those playing ?Second Life? are also waging war on virtual Israel. ?Second Life? blog New World Notes reported from the front lines of ?Second Life Israel,? where throngs of pro-Palestinian avatars staged heated protests. *** In a story posted yesterday, New World Notes reporter Wagner James Au, a.k.a. ... Read More »

Second Life Going to the Big Screen?

Pirates of the Caribbean director Gore Verbinski has reportedly purchased rights to a Wall Street Journal story about a married man in a virtual relationship. The entertainment publication Variety reports that Pirates of the Caribbean director Gore Verbinski may be working to bring the Second Life virtual world to the big screen?although perhaps not in a way that would please ... Read More »

Second Life Inflationary Nightmare

Bad news for home owners in the virtual world of second life as the virtual terrorists have been at it again. The Linden Dollar (L$) is the currency for this pretend world which people are paid for doing jobs and selling items that they have made. Items are made by using Second Life Script, which creates an object that other ... Read More »

Scientists demonstrate their commitment to the environment by going 'virtual'

Scientists demonstrate their commitment to the environment by going ‚virtual’ Imperial College London and Nature Publishing Group co-host conference in Second Life Scientists from around the world proved their green credentials by participating in a conference on climate change and carbon dioxide storage in the virtual world, this week (3 December). Organised by Imperial College London and Nature Publishing Group, ... Read More »

NMC Publishes Results of 2008 Educators in SL Survey

CDB Barkley (aka Alan Levine)  Yes, we took out our virtual clipboard back in May 2008 to conduct a followup to our first survey in 2007 of Educators in Second Life. We appreciate the great response this year, with nearly 360 educators completing the survey, an increase of 170% from 2007 Agaqin, we provide the survey results for free under ... Read More »

Why has Obama no avatar?

Why has Obama no avatar? (Flickr picture by Olivia Hotshot, Creative Commons License) Avatars rejoice: the US mainstream press takes notice of Second Life and this in a knowledgeable and rather positive way. Dusan Writer runs a story about a very positive and interesting article in The New York Times about the architects of Second Life, Original Sim. On Twitter ... Read More »